About Us

GLAMX was co-founded by three partners; the Beauty, the Brain, and the Brawn. With a global beauty collaboration effort, we're bringing styles from Korea & LA to South East Asia - Eastern beauty meets Western style, right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The Beauty is a Korean founder, who grew up in Malaysia wearing Baju-kurungs in local schools and learning how to make slapstick jokes that end with "Lah". She then moved because of family, and spent her late schooling in beautiful Mexico by the beach experiencing the people, food, learning Spanish and exploring latin American culture. Being in a new environment, beauty practices were always close to her heart. A fish out of water gets shy. She found quiet confidence in eyeshadows and lipsticks, and hence at a young age began her love and admiration for all things beauty. Cosmetics gave her that little extra push, to charm herself through unfamiliar environments; learning, growing and embracing herself as she matured in new places. Later, she ended up pursuing her tertiary education in the US where eventually the stars aligned and she was able to bring the experience and energy together into a business. Starting as an idea, she was able to make connections with Korean & US based players who in turn needed this kind of passion to enter the South East Asian Market. It was a joint decision to bring up a new brand back to where she always called home - Malaysia. With her own line of products and brand ambassadors, she joined forces with the Brawn and the Brain to bring Glam X to reality.

The Brawn is a coconut. Brown on the outside, and somewhat white on the inside. He's got a hard and well rounded shell but within that lays a soft mushy sweet core. Looks can be deceiving, and this certainly is the case here. Being a fitness enthusiast, he spends most his time doing bicep curls and religiously skipping leg day. Truth be told, there is a little girl within that core who appreciates all things beautiful. The Brawn has a track record building startup brands in Malaysia and comes with strong business acumen. He puts the pieces together hence is needed most when the business faces challenges and things get tough.

The Brain brings in the IT component to Glam X. In an ADD era, customers want all things quick, automated and efficient. We need a smoothly running platform that gets you what you want, right to your doorstep seamlessly and efficiently. Its nerdy. Lots of tinkering and all-nighters, but the Brain makes it all work somehow. He's the best developer around, and creating a wonderfully interactive system for you to browse about to make for a beautiful purchasing experience is no easy task. We've seen the Brains at work, and as he flirts and giggles about with the keyboard writing gibberish on black screen, we sit back and let him do his thing.

The products we offer have been handpicked and carefully selected to ensure that the textures, colours and the pigmentation of our products meet the best standards. During the development phases, we spared no expense to make sure we bring to the market the kind of glam that is worthy of you.